Senate Bean w/ham
Great Northern white beans slow cooked til creamy...smoked ham shank adds to the flavor.  Add potatoes, onions, celery and garlic....GOOD STUFF.  Served daily in the US Senate for over 105 years and once a week at the Conglomerate Cafe...

Dessert Special
Brownie Sundae
Our special chocolaty chunk on the bottom...topped with a generous portion of soft-serve vanilla ice cream...topped again with that dense chewy chocolate brownie...add some whip, chocolate syrup and marachino cherry.  Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner...REALLY!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie
Local berries and rhubarb combined with my secret ingredients...add a struesel topping and whipped cream for a seriously yummy dessert. 

Always Homemade Breads
Honey Whole Wheat
Country Oatmeal
Fresh...from scratch!  And that means we measure the flours, yeast, water, butter, milk, salt, honey and'll never see us taking a blob of dough out of the freezer.  It's our bread you smell on the rise in the back room and it's our bread you'll smell fresh out of the oven!

We cook like you would if you had the time!
Office Meeting?  Call 337-5500...we're GOOD and FAST.