Sunday, June 6, 2010

It Must Be Jam 'Cause Jelly Don't Jiggle Like That

It's berry season! Well, we're just a little bit away but once you see the flowers the berries aren't too far behind.

At the left...blackberries! Blossoms just starting to burst...this berry patch has traditionally provided a bumper crop of fat, juicy,deep-purple fruit.

Excellent for single berry jam and jelly, the blackberry also makes a great go-together with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for a multi-berry spread.

And...speaking of strawberries...there are some wild ones just waiting in the wings. Flowers are gone quietly growing. Still, Mother Nature is taking her time with these local morsels.

Tiny...packed with flavor...these are the pick of many locals for a morning treat. It takes a ton of 'em to make a batch but it's worth every bug bite you get while picking 'em.

Let's not forget the famous berry that makes the Keweenaw famous...the thimbleberry!

Impossible to describe, the flavor of the thimbleberry is one that draws people to the roadside and deep into the woods for picking.

Just like the other berries it's...two for for the bucket...two for for the bucket.

My favorite way to have this in jam or jelly is to combine it with apple.

So you like it all by itself? Welcome to the majority...I'm definitely out of the ordinary on this one.

All in's berry time. So start looking for your pickin' patch....AND STAY OUT OF MINE!

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