Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Relaxing Business....

Welcome the newest addition to the Calumet's Energy Massage!

With the understanding that we're all busy people with personal schedules, work schedules, kids schedules and the surprises no one has scheduled, Energy Massage invites you to give yourself a time-out.

A simple one-hour massage designed to reduce stress and pain issues is a great beginning. Some might find they need less or more attention according to the time they have available.

A variety of techiques are used during each session...Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, pressure and trigger point therapy, even reflexology and hot stone treatments.

Excellent for migraines and sinus problems...ideal for those who hold tension in the upper back and neck...a real treat for those with lower back discomfort and even foot pain.

Massage is the way to give yourself time to unwind, relax and repair... renew your ENERGY.

Located above the Conglomerate Cafe, call 906-369-0094.

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